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Storyworks, Chiddingfold, Surrey GU8 4XT United Kingdom

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When facing problems.       

it is often difficult to express ourselves

accurately in our  habitual way of talking. Unconscious

defences can inhibit real engagement with therapy and therefore can fall short of reflecting our true feelings.


    Fortunately, psychotherapy has adapted by integrating    

techniques that draw on imagery, poetic language, playful 

thought, sand-tray, art, movement, games and story that

can, with a more lighthearted approach, get straight to the

root of the serious issue. You don't need to consider yourself

creative or have any special ability in such 'Arts' - they are

 just helpful tools that aid access to the unconscious.    

With skilful faciliatation, we can together set about            

transforming harmful narratives and in a safe and                         facilitating environment.                                  

Effective Online Psychotherapy

Since lockdown I have had many new clients that I have only ever met and helped via live video-link. Being slightly sceptical at first I have been amazed at the level of intimacy and ease these platforms affords to the work. 


It may be that for clients, being in their own home helps them to relax into the work, and the physical remoteness gives a freedom to expression that might sometimes take longer in unfamiliar surroundings.


This medium also solves the issue of having to schedule extra time to travel or managing complex diaries, particularly for family group sessions. 


I have certainly been impressed and surprised at just how effective online therapy has proven, and look forward to continuing to offer sessions in the same way long after the lockdown is lifted.

What to expect  


      I provide a free initial consultation over the             

phone. This is an opportunity to ask questions,    exchange information and to help to decide if

this kind of therapy would be useful for you.


     A course of a minimum of 8 one-hour

       sessions takes place on the same day

and at the same time

each week.