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We reduce SEN lists.

We enable children to stay in mainstream education.

We take the pressure out of the classroom.

'Inner Circle


For Year 5s and 6s


'Inner Circle' helps with transition. It is designed for all those children who have been overlooked and who otherwise will clearly find secondary school overwhelming.

Early Intervention Group

Aimed at children between 4 and 7 years old. Working with children at this early stage can keep some from being statemented or needing individual referrals later down the line. For other less critical children it gives an arena in which they have the opportunity to be seen and to creatively express themselves, which inevitably leads to all-round greater self-confidence and emotional health.

Parent and Children's Group


These groups facilitate the parent-child relationship, which is often at the heart of behavioural problems or low self-esteem. The principle behind the group is to have a faciliated and creative one-to-one time between a parent and child, in a group setting. It gives the child a dedicated period of attention from their parent for one hour and at the same time provides that parent with their own space to be seen and supported in a creative environment. The positive effects of this upon the two participants also has an important influence on the current and future siblings.

All three groups are run using a therapeutic model where a session lasts an hour and is built around story,

movement and play.


Groups are up to 6 children so for as little as £255 one child benefits from weekly therapy for a full six months.

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